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Radon Inspection

Radon Inspection

Super Tech X is now providing home and office radon inspection and evaluation for the Upper Valley.

The Upper Valley of New Hampshire is among the worst regions in the state where radon intrusion can be found.  Radon is linked to a significant increase in incidence of lung cancer and poses a serious health risk for humans and pets alike.  

If your home or office has not been checked for radon intrusion then Super Tech X can help you rest easy.


Inspection Information

Please allow a least a week for inspection scheduling.

The inspection process consists of Super Tech X examining the design of the building and determining the most likely intrusion zones.  Next, we will deposit one or more of our digital radon meters in the most like intrusion zones and/or into the areas of highest occupation.  These meters will need to remain undisturbed for the duration of the testing period, which is 7 days.

After the test period, Super Tech X will issue you a report with our findings.

If the zones tested are determined to contain unsafe concentrations of radon, we can offer mitigation options.

Our rates for radon inspection are $65 per zone tested plus transit cost of $0.5/mile for locations greater than 10 miles from West Lebanon New Hampshire.

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